For Admins

The admin page can be accessed by going to, and clicking on Admin at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve logged in, you can control the auction. You will need authorization from another admin to log in to the admin page. 

What to tell users

When you create an auction, a unique six-digit code is generated. You will need to tell your bidders that code to identify your auction. This is a security measure to avoid spamming.

Tell your users something like: “Go to, and either click ”For Bidders”, or get the Auction Spaces app. Then just create an account, enter the code, and start bidding!”

To participate in multiple auctions, mouse over the switching icon on the top of the page, and then choose another auction. Input the code, and you will be in a new auction.

The Auctions Page

This is the first page you see, and you can control each auction from this page. Each auction will appear below the controls at the top.

To create an auction, click the “Add Auction” button at the top of the page, and fill out the screen that appears.

To open or close all auctions, click the open or close auctions button beneath the add auction button

To open or close an individual auction, click the padlock button on the left of the auction

To delete an auction, click on the X on the right of the auction.

To edit an auction, click on the auction

The Users Page

This page allows you to authorize other admins. A list of users will appear, to add or revoke admin privileges, check or uncheck the checkbox beside their username.

The Settings Page

From here, you can control the overall look of the auction, as well as telling the users how to pay towards the auction. To change the title or payment information, just start typing.  The payment information should be filled out before using the billing page.

To alter the background image, select a large image (about normal computer background size).

The Billing Page

This page allows you to send emails telling the users what they need to pay, and how to do so, once the auction is closed. It also sends you a list of all the winners, their email addresses, and what their bid is.

There is a button to close all the auctions at the top of the page. Once you’ve done that, the list of winners will appear. Below that is the button to send out the emails.

The Create Page

This page allows you to create an empty auction which can then be modified through the admin page. All you need to do is sign in and then click on the button to create the auction.

The Display Page

The display page is for displaying on a screen if you have a dinner or other gathering when the auction is taking place.

This can be accessed by clicking “Navigation” at the bottom of the admin page, and then clicking the Display button, or by going to and clicking Display at the bottom of the page.

Once there, just log in to start the slideshow. The slideshow will display the picture you put up, the name, and the current top bid, for every auction.